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About Matthew

Matthew’s lifelong love of music began when he started taking piano lessons from prodigy Frank Converse while still in grade school.
A gift of an amp and a guitar on his 18th birthday began his passion for guitar.
At the beginning of his guitar training he was influenced by Troy Stetina’s Metal Guitar books as well as the music of Metallica and Pantera.

Matthew’s foray into computer-based recording started with an introduction to Digital Orchestrator Pro, digital audio recording software.  From that point he also worked with Cakewalk Pro Studio and later Cakewalk SONAR. He is still actively involved in computer recording.

In 2003, Matthew approached the pastor of his church about starting a praise and worship band. This was met with wide success and he formed the group in 2003. Matthew was a member of the praise and worship team for the next four years. Since then, Matthew has be involved in collaborative praise and worship teams both through the local congregation and in the community.

Matthew was accepted into the Tom Hess Music Career Mentoring Program (MCMP) in 2009. Also, Matthew is a member of the Tom Hess Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle (EGTIC) program.

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