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What People Are Saying About Matthew

Paul Tauterouff

“Matthew Ruggiero is a killer guitar player with a tasty blend of melodicism and fiery shred techniques.”

Paul Tauterouff
Professional Guitarist, Composer, and Teacher

Zack Uidl

“Matthew’s musical preferences all blend together to create a very interesting style of playing. I am looking forward to what he does in the future as a guitarist, composer, and teacher. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know him over the past few years.”

Zack Uidl
Guitarist, Instructor, Composer

Nick Layton

“I’ve known Matthew for a couple years now and I’m impressed with the progress he has made both as a teacher and a guitarist in the short time I’ve known him. Matt has a truly genuine love for music and guitar playing and I know he’s going to do some cool stuff in the months ahead!”

Nick Layton
Professional guitarist, Composer and Instructor


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